Our woven polypropylene Mud Mats are made with fabric that we extrude and weave to the following specifications:


Minimum Average Roll Values when tested in accordance with the ASTM methods listed below.


Test Method



 Mass per Area


9.0 oz.sq.yd

256 gsm

Grab Tensile Strength warp

ASTM D-4632

450 lbs

2001 N

Grab Tensile Strength weft

ASTM D-4632

450 lbs

2001 N


ASTM D-4632

20 %

20 %

CBR Static Puncture

ASTM D-6241

1332 lbs

5925 N

Trapezoidal Tear warp

ASTM D-4533

190 lbs

845 N

Trapezoidal Tear weft

ASTM D-4533

180 lbs

800 N

UV Resistance (retained after 500 hrs)

ASTM D-4355

75 %

75 %

Apparent Opening  Size

ASTM D-4751

60 sieve

0.25 mm


ASTM D-4491

0.05 sec-1

0.05 sec-1

Flow Rate

ASTM D-4491

4 gpm/ft2

163 lpm/m2

Seller makes no warranty, expressed or implied concerning the product furnished hereunder other than at the time of delivery it shall be of the quality and specification stated herein

*8’ x 15’ standard size with clip on carabineers on all corners for attaching other mats together in order to suit job requirements.

*high tensile bamboo between fabric layers provides superior strength and flexibility.

*perfect for driving over saturated soil or protecting sensitive areas.


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